Audi A6 Review

As far as German automotive luxury goes, you can’t really get much better than an Audi. Their A6 model is the bigger brother of the A4 and manages to knock everything that is great about its little brother up to an even higher notch. Cool, classy business motoring is the call of the day with the A6 – with the line-up sporting 3 variations. As is common with Audi, each variation fills the place in its intended market perfectly. The typical A6 will appeal to businessmen and those wanting the looks and desirability of a saloon car, while the Avant and Allroad Quattro will appeal to those wanting that same style but with the space of an estate or that off-road feel.

The model of focus today is the new A6 saloon, which has recently been given a 2012 facelift and is due for release in April this year. Aesthetically it has undergone quite a change, with a completely new front end paying very close resemblance to that of their supercar the Audi R8. Having officially taken ideas from the A8 model, the headlights are now angled and curve around the edge of the body to give it that mean, aggressive stare, and the grill has been redesigned to be sharper and more edgy. The bodywork has also undergone considerable change from last year’s model; with a far sleeker design. What results in the redesign is a car that carries a business like class with it, while also still harbouring a mean sporty glance. It works surprisingly well and the A6 manages to maintain its class despite its edge.

Available in two iterations – the SE and the S Line, the new A6 will be sporting 4 engine sizes when it ships, ranging from 2.0l right up to 3.0l and a choice of either Diesel or Petrol. The less expensive option is of course the SE, but don’t for a second think that compromises quality. Interior is typical Audi class with a blend of fine woods and Milano leather intended to give that premium business feel. An excellent Bang and Olufsen audio system accompanies the interior comforts, with a total of 15 speakers and many of the technology used taken from their renowned BeoLab 5 home speaker range. An incredibly powerful 1200 watt amplifier drives the system, while the CD player incorporates SD card slots to enable playback of portable storage and mp3 files. Moving to the exterior of the car we get Alloy wheels as standard with both models and a handy electromagnetic parking assistant sensor, so keeping your priceless Au di A6 away from those dreaded curbs has never been easier.

Confirmed prices for the new A6 are excellent value for money; for the 2.0l model of the standard A6 you’ll only need to pay £34,355 which keeps it firmly in line with that of its competitor the BMW 5 series. Don’t underestimate the size of the engine either, as the 2.0l still has more than enough grunt at 177bhp to get you where you want with time to spare. Not to mention the cheerfully low emission output of only 129 g/km that should make saving up for your next luxury purchase a lot easier. This is definitely shaping up to be a great purchase for any businessman who wants a high performance sports car that doesn’t compromise on quality and luxury. Offering a healthy number of engines at launch and with a choice of diesel of petrol, there should be something for everybody. Put this on your list as its one to watch out for without doubt.

Universal Fit Brabus Style LED Puddle Lights

If you are looking for the right way to enhance the beauty and appeal of your beloved Mercedes, you should opt for Brabus style LED puddle lights as these are one of the latest and coolest ways of glamorizing your Benz and of course, any other cars such as Lexus, BMW, Audi, etc.

The main purpose of this Brabus style LED puddle lights is to light up your car right underneath the body kit side skirt. These circular LED lights are generally put beneath the body of your car and they are connected to the gates of your cars such that the moment you open the doors of the car, the LED lights up and your car dazzles. You can also operate it manually as well as you can keep the lights on when your car is parked and thus make it stand out from the rest.

A lot of people are getting these new Mercedes Brabus style LED puddle lights nowadays as it is one of the trendiest designs of automotive lights. Each single LED module for this side skirt lighting kit contains 9 pieces LED bulbs and a lot of such modules are brought together to make a chain of LED. The chain of light is attached on either end of the car beneath the surface.

These lights give a glow to your vehicle and are sure to impress a lot of people. They help in giving the perfect look of perfection to your Mercedes. So, if you value a lot about style and glamour, you should opt for these Mercedes puddle lights. These lights can be installed with ease and with a little bit of knowledge and technical expertise, you may be able to do it yourself as well.

So, we would definitely recommend you to buy these puddle lights and help your own image. If you are driving a Mercedes and you are looking for the finest ways of giving it a new look that is sure to bring you a lot of compliments and good reviews, you must try to opt for Mercedes puddle lights as they are trending at the moment.

These lights need to be securely fitted beneath your car and the light adjustments along with the door need to be made. After the installation is done, they should work fine as most of the different people who have opted for this product have given positive reviews about it. You are sure to experience immense pleasure in using it. So, be prepared to show off your glamorous and superbly stylish Mercedes. Stand out from the rest and glow with all your might. No doubt, the Mercedes puddle lights is going to rev up your popularity quotient and you are going to love your ride even more!

2010 Audi A1 Review

The 2010 Audi A1 has arrived with an exterior style similar to that of Mini Cooper and provides both the front wheel drive as well as all wheel drive mechanism options. However, there’s some serious bad news for the US Audi fans. As per the latest reports, until 2015, the new A1 will be not delivered in US markets by the Audi, because of tax issues posed by the American Government. Audi has decided to release the second generation version of Audi A1 in 2015 in the automotive market of United States.

It has been marketed in other automotive markets, and is currently giving a tight competition to the Mini Cooper, and BMW 1-Series cars.

The present generation A1 borrows its design from Mini Cooper version that had a great success in its release over five years. In comparison to the size of Audi A3, the current generation A1 is comparably smaller in size but longer, taller and wider than the infamous Mini Cooper. Its size is exactly same as that of the BMW 1 Series cars.

The 2010 A1 has arrived in two versions; a 2-door hatchback and the 4-door hatchback. The basic version of 2010 A1 supports front wheel drive, whereas high power models of Quattro powered engine come with all wheel drive.

The new Audi A1 also has standard six-speed automatic transmission, and an optional 5-speed manual transmission. As a whole, 2010 A1 is going to be a fair deal, but it may not be able to compete with the BMW 1-series cars due to lack of presence in the US automotive markets.

How to Avoid Car Repair Rip Offs

Among the many complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission and also tracked by the Consumer Federation of America, anything to do with automobiles ranked highest. Those complaints included buying a car, leasing a car, problems with towing companies, false advertising and leasing problems. Also receiving much attention were car repairs, an entirely manageable problem if you know how to address it.

1. Find a good mechanic. Even better, find a reliable garage. They are out there and can usually be discovered by word of mouth. They are also the places you drive past with parking lots filled with cars and multiple bays busy getting the work done. Look around online, check out local reviews and ask people you know about their experience with the shop.

2. Review shop licenses. To work on cars, repair shops must be licensed by the state and meet local laws. You want its technicians to be certified too, holding Automotive Service Excellence certification. If you are an auto club member, you can find out if the shop is approved. Generally, seek out shops that are experienced working with your type of car. A German auto shop, for instance, would have experience working on a range of vehicles including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and BMW products.

3. Obtain shop rates. Most shops publish their rate information prominently in keeping with state law. You also want to know how close an estimate is to the final price. Some states require garages to give you a published estimate for repairs, requiring shops to contact you if their price exceeds that estimate. Find out if the shop uses original equipment manufacturer parts, reconditioned parts or third-party parts.

4. Shop around and compare. Estimates for minor repairs should be similar, with oil changes and transmission flushes costing about the same wherever you go. The more expensive repairs such as replacing cylinder heads, fixing a transmission or installing a new exhaust system can vary greatly. Get at least three estimates to compare before making your decision.

5. Get your repair bill. With the work now done, you want to review the repair bill to see what you were charged for parts, for labor and for disposal. Add these costs up and include taxes. If there is a discrepancy, let the shop owner know about it. Many shops also provide the old parts for your examination. This can be a good procedure when using a new garage.

Consumer Complaints

If you get ripped off, attempt to resolve the matter with the garage owner. If a reasonable solution cannot be found, then notify the Better Business Bureau and your state attorney’s general office of the problem. Generally, you can avoid car repair rip offs provided that you are informed, proactive and hold your ground.