2008 BMW M5 Touring

One of the most popular sports cars in the world has just received a makeover into a remarkable wagon version. This will become the second “M” station wagon on the market for BMW, who is responsible for the 2008 BMW M5 Touring, which offers drivers 507 horsepower at 8,250 rpm furnished from a 5.0 liter V10 engine. Appearing throughout the United Kingdom and other selected European locations; this attractive vehicle has yet to become an American commodity.When taking a look at the M5 Touring, you will notice that it possesses nearly the same list of features as its sedan cousin, including a seven-speed sequential-manual transmission. The high-performance wheels and tires make for a smooth ride on the road. The quad exhaust is rather notable, as well as the interior features, which places the driver in more control of their vehicle surrounding. When compared to speed, the M5 Touring will accelerate to 60 mph only 0.1 seconds slower than the M5 sedan. An electronic limiter actually restricts the driver to speeds of up to 155mph, but without – the car has a capacity to reach 200mph.

The high-performance load hauler is comparable to that of the Audi S6 Avant and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagon. To make operating the car much easier and smoother – an assortment of satisfying electronic driving gadgets are available, such as the electronically powered M-differential and an innovative software program that permits drivers the chance to select their desired engine state. A 400 hp ride is possible with the experience of full 500 hp also at their fingertips.

The price for this vehicle varies depending on the country of purchase, but average costs are found around £67075 (or about $76270). In order to get a clearer picture of the 2008 BMW M5 Touring, take a bit of time to consider the following features:

The Exterior

Impressively bold colors allow the paint finish of the 2008 BMW M5 Touring to truly shine on the road. To date, one may drive home an Interlagos Blue, Monaco Blue, Indianapolis Red, and Sapphire Black vehicle (with other selections waiting in the wings). As for the wheels of the M5 Touring, consumers will encounter a choice between radial spoke and double spoke in stock versions.

The Interior

There is no denying the elegance and character associated with the M5 Touring, as the typical M-style impresses with exquisite detail, creating a driving experience like no other. Just taking a look at the instrument panel is enough, as the slight illumination with hints of red and white enhances the remarkable level of class. The Merino leather upholstery is also quite a pleasure to settle into when taking the 2008 model out for a spin. The support is comforting and the M steering wheels adds to the support of the driver with gear-change keys that accommodate sporty ergonomics. Once inside, the split rear-seat backrest also comes in handy for passengers.


With an aluminum chassis (specially developed), the weight of the 2008 M5 Touring is significantly reduced – creating a higher level of precision steering. Other impressive points regarding the performance of the car includes the optimized spring dampers, extra traction capabilities, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), and the Electronic Damper Control system (also referred to as the EDC).

Safety and Security

Nowadays, the safety and security of drivers and their passengers is a hot topic in automotive manufacturing and with the 2008 M5 Touring, buyers are not disappointed. For starters, the head-up display with M indicator allows drivers to keep abreast on the most important details during travel. Speed projections, navigational instruction, and Check Control data become visible on the windscreen – providing a decent level of visibility. A multi-colored display option is also made available. Shift lights additionally alert drivers on the perfect time to change gears.

The BMW M5 Touring is a smart car – not only in looks, but also in mechanics. Airbags accommodate the driver and front passenger with side and head airbag options as well. A specially designed electronic system with precise calibration controls the airbags to ensure they inflate to just the right degree in order to lessen potential injury. Adaptive headlights are another promising feature of the M5 Touring, which offer increased safety by keeping track of speed and steering angles with the help of sensors.