Audi A6 Review

As far as German automotive luxury goes, you can’t really get much better than an Audi. Their A6 model is the bigger brother of the A4 and manages to knock everything that is great about its little brother up to an even higher notch. Cool, classy business motoring is the call of the day with the A6 – with the line-up sporting 3 variations. As is common with Audi, each variation fills the place in its intended market perfectly. The typical A6 will appeal to businessmen and those wanting the looks and desirability of a saloon car, while the Avant and Allroad Quattro will appeal to those wanting that same style but with the space of an estate or that off-road feel.

The model of focus today is the new A6 saloon, which has recently been given a 2012 facelift and is due for release in April this year. Aesthetically it has undergone quite a change, with a completely new front end paying very close resemblance to that of their supercar the Audi R8. Having officially taken ideas from the A8 model, the headlights are now angled and curve around the edge of the body to give it that mean, aggressive stare, and the grill has been redesigned to be sharper and more edgy. The bodywork has also undergone considerable change from last year’s model; with a far sleeker design. What results in the redesign is a car that carries a business like class with it, while also still harbouring a mean sporty glance. It works surprisingly well and the A6 manages to maintain its class despite its edge.

Available in two iterations – the SE and the S Line, the new A6 will be sporting 4 engine sizes when it ships, ranging from 2.0l right up to 3.0l and a choice of either Diesel or Petrol. The less expensive option is of course the SE, but don’t for a second think that compromises quality. Interior is typical Audi class with a blend of fine woods and Milano leather intended to give that premium business feel. An excellent Bang and Olufsen audio system accompanies the interior comforts, with a total of 15 speakers and many of the technology used taken from their renowned BeoLab 5 home speaker range. An incredibly powerful 1200 watt amplifier drives the system, while the CD player incorporates SD card slots to enable playback of portable storage and mp3 files. Moving to the exterior of the car we get Alloy wheels as standard with both models and a handy electromagnetic parking assistant sensor, so keeping your priceless Au di A6 away from those dreaded curbs has never been easier.

Confirmed prices for the new A6 are excellent value for money; for the 2.0l model of the standard A6 you’ll only need to pay £34,355 which keeps it firmly in line with that of its competitor the BMW 5 series. Don’t underestimate the size of the engine either, as the 2.0l still has more than enough grunt at 177bhp to get you where you want with time to spare. Not to mention the cheerfully low emission output of only 129 g/km that should make saving up for your next luxury purchase a lot easier. This is definitely shaping up to be a great purchase for any businessman who wants a high performance sports car that doesn’t compromise on quality and luxury. Offering a healthy number of engines at launch and with a choice of diesel of petrol, there should be something for everybody. Put this on your list as its one to watch out for without doubt.

2010 Audi A1 Review

The 2010 Audi A1 has arrived with an exterior style similar to that of Mini Cooper and provides both the front wheel drive as well as all wheel drive mechanism options. However, there’s some serious bad news for the US Audi fans. As per the latest reports, until 2015, the new A1 will be not delivered in US markets by the Audi, because of tax issues posed by the American Government. Audi has decided to release the second generation version of Audi A1 in 2015 in the automotive market of United States.

It has been marketed in other automotive markets, and is currently giving a tight competition to the Mini Cooper, and BMW 1-Series cars.

The present generation A1 borrows its design from Mini Cooper version that had a great success in its release over five years. In comparison to the size of Audi A3, the current generation A1 is comparably smaller in size but longer, taller and wider than the infamous Mini Cooper. Its size is exactly same as that of the BMW 1 Series cars.

The 2010 A1 has arrived in two versions; a 2-door hatchback and the 4-door hatchback. The basic version of 2010 A1 supports front wheel drive, whereas high power models of Quattro powered engine come with all wheel drive.

The new Audi A1 also has standard six-speed automatic transmission, and an optional 5-speed manual transmission. As a whole, 2010 A1 is going to be a fair deal, but it may not be able to compete with the BMW 1-series cars due to lack of presence in the US automotive markets.

Jaguar XF-R Independent Car Review

When you think of Jaguar, you think of old men with pipes, tweed jackets and of course Inspector Morse! Three things that I would struggle, even with my imaginative little mind, to describe as glamorous, exciting or in touch with people under the age of 55.

For the past 40 odd years Jaguar stayed in a safe market place where they knew that they would appeal…..55-100 years old…..for too long. This is part of the reason they were in the financial **** and were brought by Tata (not the stuff you get on your teeth). I honestly thought that would be the death of Jaguar but I’m happy to say that they have amazed me in turning this brand around. I half expected the Jaguar dealerships being transformed from what was once a Great British automotive institution in to one of the largest chains of curry houses in the world.

If you look back to the 60’s, Jaguar’s Mk 2 was the choice getaway car for gangsters! When the E type was released, Enzo Ferrari himself called it “The most beautiful car ever made”. That is the teacher praising the student or like when Pele said George Best was the best player he’d ever seen. So why, when they had it so right did they let it go so wrong!?!

The XJ-S was a poor replacement for the E-type and Jaguar didn’t really replace the Mk 2 or the S type until the release of the new S type some 30 years later which looked woefully like the Rover 75 and the X type was an expensive Mondeo with a Jaguar badge.

They had the idea right with the XJ220 and the first XK8, but were still missing something that made enough people stop and say ‘wow’.

Thankfully, in 2008, Jaguar really got it right with the XF. This car looks great!!! It is the car that has reshaped and reinvigorated the Jaguar brand whilst mixing modern styling with traditional Jaguar values with great effect. It has to be said that Jaguar has really hit Audi and BMW where it hurts (right in the ‘repmobiles’!) and thankfully they haven’t rested on it. They want to be known for making the ultimate saloon car by taking on BMW’s awesome M5 and the phenomenal Audi RS6 in the form of the XF-R.

It takes a lot to get my backside out of bed at 6am on a Friday but since as I had to be at our office for 7am, the thought of a 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 with 503bhp certainly made it easier. When I arrived I couldn’t help but admire some of the additional styling over and above the standard XF. The body work + additional air vents which state SUPERCHARGED, give the car a much more aggressive stance. To further imprint on you that this is a SUPERCHARGED car, Jaguar took the liberty of stamping it on the 20inch alloy wheels which I thought was a great touch. They have also continued to use the brilliant styling details from the standard XF like the gear stick that pops out of the centre console when you start the car and air vents that electronically rotate and disappear when you turn them on and off. Little things like that make you know that Jaguar means business.

On the way back to Nottingham, at 7,15am on an empty A52, I wasn’t only amazed how quickly the car got up to erm……….70ish mph but how smooth and effortless it got there as well. I’ve driven no end of cars that will do 70ish mph very quickly and I can honestly say that this is the easiest 70ish mph I have ever done! It simply eats up the road in the most comfortable way ever even in the more hardcore dynamic mode, which basically tweaks everything from the throttle response to the suspension, to improve cornering for the more ‘enthusiastic’ driver shall we say.

The basic facts that you need know about this car are that it hits 0-60 in 4.7 seconds which is impressive, but not as impressive as the 50-70mph in 1.9 seconds which is ridiculous (clearly the Indian owners have put some silly hot Vindaloo mixed with about a million Scotch Bonnet chilli’s up-front) and faster than a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640!!! Not bad for a car that weighs 2,345 kg’s. It is supposedly limited to 155mph although a “tweaked” XFR, producing 600 bhp, hit a top speed of 225.675 mph on Bonneville Salt Flats in November 2008 which isn’t too shabby for a 4 door saloon.

Through the twisty country lanes it handles almost as well as you would expect/hope. However I just think it lacks the poise and the precision of the M5 or the RS6 through the bends, but it more than makes up for that as a car to live with everyday, although you’ll need deep pockets if you have a heavy right foot like me as it drinks quicker than 100 relapsed alcoholic’s in a Smirnoff Vodka factory! I had the car for a week, covered 800 miles and used nearly £300.00 worth of Super Unleaded. OUCH!!

Personally, I think that this is a hugely impressive car as well as a huge improvement on Jaguar’s past efforts in this market place. It has everything going for it and in my opinion is more striking to look at than the competition, a more comfortable and well laid out interior, supercar equalling performance and massively impressive levels of space and quality. The M5 is more impressive through the bends but is less well spec’d and not as forgiving to live with day to day. Couple all this with the fact that the Jaguar is ‘only’ £59,900 making it a wickedly cheap car compared to the £65,300 for the M5 and stupidly expensive £74,555 for the RS6.